Consultancy Development Programme

Our CDP, Consultancy Development Programme, recognises that many businesses and organisations are faced with the challenge of gaining competitive advantage while meeting the demands of fiscal austerity. Technological development is disrupting many long established business models and everywhere there are increasing demands for regulation. However, we’ve seen time and again how with the right advice and fresh thinking many businesses can thrive in such circumstances.

ITCP Partners not only advise you on what to do, but become part of the delivery to provide the answer. They can assist you to make better decisions, reduce costs, build a more effective organisation and develop appropriate technology strategies.

Partners start by understanding your organisation: your operation, competitive dynamics, culture, objectives and challenges. By seeing the world the way you do they can work to your agenda, not their own and will apply their insights to your specific strategic and operational issues.

However, the ITCP’s culture of achievement through innovation and proactive initiatives means that your own perspective on your business or organisation, will be both challenged and progressively developed.

That could result in improved productivity, lower costs, improved cash flow and higher revenues. This can help you achieve new goals, penetrate new markets, create successful mergers and simplify legacy systems and capitalise on emerging technologies.